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Chemical pump test station 
Interface Module for Laser Drive Control Circuit
Provides Access to Laser Circuit for Waveform Analysis
We Build Single Bay Heat Chambers
Programmable Thermal Cycling
Modular Assembly  
Build to Order Based on Customer Specifications
Metal Fabrication
Solar Panel Rack mounting systems
Repair Brackets
Custom ESD Calibration Tool
Custom Test Fixture Design and Build

Communication Tower Beacon Light control circuit repair process 
Custom Black Box
F-16 EA ROM memory test fixture
 Power Module Tester
Custom Test Station
Integrated ESD Test and Mag-lock Lab Entry Door
Withstands Pallet Jack Traffic
UV Glue Applicator

Test bench for electric car water pumps
Below are a few examples of projects that demonstrate our capabilities.  
We have had the privilege of servicing many fine companies. Here is a selection of current and past customers.

  • Oracle
  • Verizon
  • Alcatel Lucent (Nokia)
  • Eaton
  • Delta Products
  • Intel
  • Kodak
  • Buehler Motor
  • MTS Sensors
  • NCR Corporation
  • Revlon
  • Triangle MicroSystems
  • VEC Supply
  • Vishay Americas
  • Winston Joseph